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Explore the past of any website

We save every change made on websites
9 802 811 444 Website reports saved over time

Analyze important changes

Find other websites of the same owner even in case of private WHOIS data.
Take a look into the past and discover what had an impact on your success or defeat.
Compare your decisions and actions with those of successful competitors.
Get a report on common practices. Analyze patterns in your environment.
Find other websites of your competitors. Check the relation between them and your niche. Get a consistent report containing domains and types of connection. Look into the past and find out what statistics and types of advertising have been used on a particular website. Search for correlations and learn how to improve your own business.
IP Address
Get an insight into the detailed technical parameters of your site and sites of your competitors. See how those sites have been changing over time, check if they were malware free or not and how they worked with search engines.
Frontend & Backend
Security Check
Web Design
Robots.txt File
Analyze the speed at which your site and sites of your competitors gained in popularity on leading social platforms. Check historical values of the Google PageRank parameter.
Social: Facebook
Social: Twitter
Social: Google +
Google Page Rank

Every month we visit millions of websites and check 12 parameters in 3 different categories. Each parameter value is recorded and stored in our database. It is available for browsing at any time.

Better insight starts here
Use our website history tool to check internet archive of various URLs. We monitor millions of online domains to show all of the important changes.
Each report contains web history focused on the specific parameter.
We build history of website changes by gathering various information from dozens of independent resources. Our goal is to collect only relevant information and present it in a simple and transparent way. Every month we visit 59 714 735 websites and check 12 parameters in 3 different categories. more...
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